Weekly News Wrap-up 10/3/10

A group literally called, “a bunch of carrot farmers” is trying to connect with teenagers. They say they want to make baby carrots cool. The first question in your mind is probably “How?” The answer is a 25 million dollar ad campaign and a new program putting carrot vending machines in high schools. According to this story at NPR, it seems to be working.  How do you get your kids to eat vegetables? Well, show the boys a commercial with a hot girl, a machine gun, and explosions. For the girls, some one other than her parents has to give them to her.  As with all miniature versions, baby carrots are just cute.  This brings us to the quote of the week:

“”It’s just to show the overall sense that this is an extreme, just crazy, you know, new idea. That’s the explosion: the shear power of awesome.” -High school senior Caleb Warwick.

Delta Dental records show that if 2 dentists look at the same set of x-rays the chance that they will find the same number of cavities in the same teeth is about 50 percent.  Next time you get x-rays I would tell you to get a second opinion but it seems you’ll just be more confused.

Bristol Palin is out stumping for abstinence.  For 10 thousand dollars, the young mother encouraged other teenage women to not make the same mistake she did. Here at Independent Kansan we are terribly disappointed.  Miss Palin is the poster child of the fact that abstinence-only education doesn’t work. Instead of taking her nationally known name to promote common sense approaches to sex education, she has taken the path of her mother. That path, the one of idealogical nonsense, will never lead to truly helping teens understand their situation.

The Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded the week. It was given to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, two Russian born scientists who first discovered “Graphene.”  Graphene is a sheet of graphite (pure carbon) only one atom thick. It is essentially two dimensional.  It is extremely strong, flexible and an excellent electrical conductor. Geim and Novoselov, reportedly made the discovery by putting a piece of Scotch tape on a piece of graphite and then peeling it off. The award led to a unique achievement. Geim is now the only person to be awarded a Nobel prize as well as an Ig Nobel. The Ig Nobel is given for “research that makes people laugh and then makes them think.” Geim won in 2000 for using magnetic fields to levitate a frog.  Independent Kansan thinks these two awards show that millions of dollars can never surpass human creativity.

That’s the news for the week of 10/3/10.


2 responses to “Weekly News Wrap-up 10/3/10

  1. Haha I really like this news wrap up of the week… I may take a shot at it at the end of this coming week, and see what I can do with it.

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