Ridiculous Politics (Unfortunately this is only Vol.1)

In June I moved into a new house.  One of the former occupants was apparently a registered Republican.  So far in this election my representative in the Kansas House, Rep. Arlen Siegfried (R-KS 15) has knocked on my door, in a get out the vote effort, and I have received some campaign literature in the mail with her name on it.  Today, however, the mail was special, because it shows what  is the most ridiculous piece of politics I have ever seen.

I’m used to the campaign ads. I generally shrug them off like most people. We all know that no matter who these ads come from they’re almost always misleading, if not horribly untrue.  Even though they contain footnotes that can guide you to certain votes on pieces of legislation, generally the phrase used in the ad is false.  For instance, a commercial attacking Missouri senatorial candidate Robin Carnahan says she supports “cutting $500 million in Medicare cuts to pay for GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE.  Disregarding the fact that Medicare is GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE, I was curious about this claim. So, I jumped over to my friends at politifact.com for some answers. Politifact gives this claim a “barely true.” Here’s what they say about the “Medicare cuts.”

“It’s important to note that the law does not take $500 billion out of the current Medicare budget. Rather, the bill attempts to slow the program’s future growth, curtailing just over $500 billion in future spending over the next 10 years.”

That’s an interesting revelation. Slowing government spending happens to be a Republican trademark. Especially when it involves an “entitlement program” like Medicare.  It was this information that led me to question the flyer I received from the Kansas Republican Party today. The flyer compares Stpehene Moore to Nancy Pelosi and shows how they would vote the same. Moore’s views on one side and Pelosi’s on the other.  Each claim is supported by a footnote. For Pelosi, they reference various votes she has made. For Moore, it cites http://www.stephenemoore.com.  Here is where we see the most ridiculous piece of politics I mentioned before. I’ve been to Stephene Moore’s campaign site. http://www.stephenemoore.com isn’t it.  It turns out that http://www.stephenemoore.com is a website supported by Moore’s opponent Kevin Yoder.  And what’s worse is that the support for the claim that Moore supports $500 million in Medicare cuts (that aren’t really cuts) is a commercial paid for by Kevin Yoder.

We have to expect more from the people who want to govern us.  It is one thing to understand that most campaign ads are at the best misleading, but we all need to find the straightforward lies given to us.  We need to expect more than claims like Kevin Yoder’s. Otherwise we will never truly have a government that works for us.


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