Weekly Wrap-Up 10/17/10

Here’s some of the funny, unusual and sometimes downright scary news from the past week:

The Kansas City Star FYI section listed suggestions for actors to play candidates in a movie about the 2010 elections. In the Missouri senate race they suggested “Wonder Years” dad, Dan Lauria, to portray Roy Blunt and “Glee” star Jane Lynch as Robin Carnahan.  Independent Kansan thinks we could take this one step further and get that creepy money from he  Geico commercials to be the $500 million in Medicare cuts that Blunt says Carnahan supports.

Medicare Cuts

This bring us to the Quote of the Week:
“Robin Carnahan supports $500 million in Medicare cuts to pay for government-run healthcare.” -Roy Blunt attack ad.

Independent Kansan would like to take this moment to reiterate a small point: Medicare is GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE. Politics is really wacky this time around.

In other news, Tea Party darling and all around Sarah Palin hack,Christine O’Donnell, made waves in a debate with her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons. O’Donnell asked, “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?”
Apparently, laughter swept through the law school audience.  In a more moderate state like Delaware this was a problem. Independent Kansan would like to suggest Ms. O’Donnell move to Texas. Some members of their State Board of Education also share the view that church and state should buddy up. She’d fit right in.

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles times is getting high in the name of science.  Lopez, who has already been given a medical marijuana prescription by his gynecologist, was taking part in a study to see how marijuana affects driving. All at the request of the California highway Patrol. Independent Kansan could explain more, but it’s best you read the article for yourself. You can find it here.

Do you have a dog? Are you concerned with how fast you dog shakes to dry themselves? Well, if you are then Georgia Tech graduate student Andrew Dickerson is here to help. He is the lead author of the “Wet-Dog Shake” in th journal Fluid Dynamics. He sat down with NPR’s Robert Siegel. Read the transcript here. In case you’re wondering mice shake 27 times a second.

And how about a little racism to cap off the week.  NPR news analyst Juan Williams was fired after making remarks about Muslims on the FoxNews show “The O’Reilly Factor”. Williams said that when he sees someone on a plane in “Muslim garb” he gets worried.  This comment apparently violated NPR standards.  Williams , who we’ve seen on FoxNews numerous times and heard on NPR about twice, was subsequently fired.  In a blog post later Williams compared his treatment to being sent to the gulag.  He now has a $2 million contract with Fox. That’s a pretty sweet gulag

That’s the news for the week of 10/17/10. Stop by next week when we are only 3 days until the elections and you can be sure the news will be good.


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