The Problem with Kevin Yoder and the Media

I meant to write about this last week, but I got distracted by a woman on NPR who compared being able to afford lobster for dinner to being able to afford health insurance. You may have seen the post. I was angry.

Anyway I think that since the midterm election is just a couple of days away it would be a good idea to talk about Kevin Yoder.  If you don’t know Kevin Yoder is the Republican candidate for the 3rd district congressional seat here in Kansas. Recently, it became known that Yoder refused a breath test during a traffic stop. He was stopped for speeding in the early morning hours.  The Yoder campaign put out a statement saying that Mr. Yoder was not driving under the influence and refused the breath test because he had already passed a field sobriety test. In essence the officer had no reason to suspect he had been drinking.

This would all be fine. If the facts, as the Yoder campaign presents them, are true then I believe he was justified.  If a person completes a field sobriety test then I see no reason why they must submit to a breath test. In my opinion, that would violate the “illegal search and seizure” portion of the 4th amendment. he did plead guilty to refusing the test, so that should have been the end of it.  However, politicians like Mr. Yoder are still responsible to there constituents. This is where my problem arises.

KMBC, the ABC affiliate in Kansas City, tried to talk to Kevin Yoder about the situation. Their political reporter, Micheal Mahoney, asked about the incident. You can find the video here on a page for The Pitch.

The real problem is that Yoder completely refused to acknowledge the people asking the questions. These are questions that could easily be answered. Kevin Yoder’s possible DUI or lack of evidence for DUI should not affect what kind of congressman he will be. His refusal to give even the simplest of answers does.  His reaction makes him look like someone who will refuse to explain his votes. It makes him look like someone who will cover up what he believes is not politically advantageous.

Missouri congressman Roy Blunt was recently questioned about the apparent hiring of an undocumented Nicaraguan women as his housekeeper.  The charges that he hired an illegal immigrant are questionable. In response, Blunt said that his campaign had put out a statement on the issue and he wasn’t going to comment further.  That’s what Kevin Yoder should have done. I have no problem with what Blunt said. His campaign put out their view on an issue and voters can decide.

Kevin Yoder flat refused to acknowledge he was being asked a question. He could have done what Roy Blunt did.  Yoder’s campaign did put out a statement. Instead Kevin Yoder decided to act as if he is above the scrutiny of the media. I don’t want a representative who won’t answer questions about his actions or views. I don’t care that Kevin Yoder refused a breath test during a traffic stop. I care very deeply that he won’t even speak about it. Politicians need to be open to the people they represent. Kevin Yoder, obviously is not.




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