Election Night Continues. . .

Jerry Moran is going to the Senate, and Sam Brownback is apparently going to govern the state of Kansas (provided he doesn’t abandon us to try and run for President in 2012. Interestingly if this Tea Party mood continues Brownback would actually have a chance.)  No one has called the KS 3rd, but I don’t think it’s likely that Stephene Moore is going to win. The worst part seems to be that Kris Kobach is leading with %58.  The man who wrote Arizona’s immigration law is looking to win. This night isn’t getting better.


2 responses to “Election Night Continues. . .

  1. Hang in there… the house has already been taken, so the next 2 years will officially be nothing but a sputtering juggernaut of American legislation.

    Sometimes I wish we could just have someone that wants to go kick Washington in the nuts and go against all non-practical policies (which there are a lot of these days). There was a really great article in Time either this week or last week, can’t remember, and it was about how if America really wants to get back to where it was, we need to start investing in the future, rather than consuming in the present… Invest in infrastructure, technology, the health and wellness of our citizens, the well-being of other nations, and, most importantly of course, American education.

    I’ll post tomorrow on all of this, I think, but we’ll see my feelings on all of this tomorrow night

  2. I would love to here about it. I agree with what you said. Especially, that we need to invest in education. I’ll be posting my feelings about the elections tomorrow also.

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