A Hopeful Reflection on the 2010 Midterms

Election Night is over.  While it didn’t go the way I wished it would (especially here in Kansas) I’ve decided to look to the future and think about what these elections have created.  With a stronger Republican minority in the Senate and a strong majority in the House, I am cautiously optimistic about the next couple of years. While the last two years of a presidents first term are generally all about getting a second term, there are still things to do. Education reform is still on the table. I desperately hope the leaders of this country will look at some common sense solutions to the education system in our country. Our deficit is enormous and our economy sluggish. Finding compromise on economic legislation and tax cuts will be crucial. Mostly, I think we should hope for the partisan rhetoric to calm down some.

If you’ve ever worked with young children, you’ve probably seen one who needs boundless attention.  These kinds of kids will misbehave just to be recognized. Negative attention is still attention. That’s somewhat like what Republican strategy has been.  They’ve run around Congress yelling “No,No,NO” because they had little power to affect legislation.  With control of the House, Republicans have real power. We can hope that they will use that to start an actual discussion. We can hope that Republicans and Democrats will consider finding the common ground. I don’t know that it will happen, but my hope is that this election has not just been another fickle swing of the American electorate who expects government to give them everything while taxing them nothing.

Only time will tell.


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