Weekly Wrap-up 10/31/10

Before we get to the news, I have to wish a very happy birthday to my nephew


Owen. He became an  astonishing 1-year-old on Nov. 1st.  So Owen, Happy Birthday from your one and only Uncle Fat Jesus. I hope you like the shirt.

We have a humorous Quote of the Week . It comes to us from a skit on Garrison Keillor’s “Prairie Home Companion”:
“Spitting has to come from within. It’s like throwing up, just not all at once.”

Words to live by.

Well, I suppose we should get the obvious out of the way. Republicans made huge gains in Congressional races this election. Independent Kansan’s views on this election are available in a previous post. We hope they turn out true.

An unusual story is coming out of Detroit. The mayor wants to demolish a large part of the city.  Apparently Detroit has lost 1/2 of its population in the past 50 years. So large areas of cramped urban landscape are actually sparsely populated.  In essence he is trying to redefine where Detroit is.

Trash bag maker Hefty is starting a new campaign to make you care about the color of your trash bag.  They want you to buy black ones.  It may come as a surprise, since we suspect a number of you already do. This report from “Marketplace” explains or at least tries to. Just so you know, even the trash bag people are playing mind games.

In the best news for K-State/Wind Farm region, all those white windmills dotting the Kansas plains should actually be painted purple. This article at Smartplanet.com explains. Read the comments, some people apparently take wind turbines very seriously.

Oh yeah, Go Cats!!

That’s the news for this week. Thanks to everyone who checked in with Independent Kansan this week. It was our highest traffic week ever. Please keep coming back and commenting.  A preview of next week, Independent Kansan will look at the Tea Party and fiscal responsibility and getting young people involved in the political process by lowering the voting age.

UPDATE: Independent Kansan just learned of the Michigan vs. Illinois football games. The Wolverines were victorious in a scoring fiesta. Final score 67-65 in 3 overtimes.  Their were more points scored in that game than last years NCAA basketball championship, which was decided by a score of 61-59. Unbelievable.


2 responses to “Weekly Wrap-up 10/31/10

  1. Did you have any idea that your dear sister was a tester for the new black and silver trash bags? I still in fact have a sample box in my kitchen if you care to further your story with personal experience on the topic. At any rate I just thought you might find my experience funny. The big idea behind them is that they coordinate with the new fancy stainless and black trash cans that are all the rage. Yes, I will admit I am just suburban enough to have spent $200 on a trash can, but that topic is for another blog. My point here is that these super pricey trash cans are designed to hide the bag inside the stainless outer canister. I could almost understand caring what a bag looks like in a regular can. You at least see it, but in a fancy simplehuman trash can, you’d never even see that is is black with silver handles. But you know as stupid as it seems, I bet those will be a goldmine for Hefty.

    And Bob says sorry about the pic. Thanks for the shout out for the little man!

  2. Meldon,
    Of course you would be a tester for the newest colored trash bags! You should sell your skills, I bet lots of companies would pay you big $$$ for your blunt and honest opinion. You have an gift with words. Especially when those words are your opinion!

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