Pallin’ Around with the Palins

America’s own Mama Grizzly has come to television. That’s right folks last weekend saw the debut of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”  This brings up an interesting question: Is Sarah Palin running for President?

Wait a minute. Her show didn’t bring up that question at all.  Unfortunately, everyone else did. Why is it that every time this crazy woman moves someone is analyzing what it means for her Presidential prospects. If she doesn’t run the media will have literally wasted thousands of hours. Well, they were going to do that anyway. Does anybody remember Balloon Boy?

It’s true we have elected an actor President before, but Palin’s not even acting. It’s “reality t.v.”  It’s truly frightening but I can see it helping her.  American’s have, in the past, often chosen a candidate they feel they can relate to.  Now, Sarah Palin is climbing rocks, fishing with bears, and having the Palin home life beamed right into our living rooms. The Palin’s are the new Jon & Kate. Only they have a teenage daughter sneaking boys over. (It’s okay. Sarah put up a gate to keep the boys from the upstairs. Wanna know how that worked? Just search, it’s out there.)

The point of all this is that Sarah Palin now has a show telling America all about her. A show where the image is of a mother and family that she wants people to see. On top of that, she can reach the whole country through FOXNews, her new media arm, whenever she wants.

People count her out because it’s easy to say America wouldn’t be that ridiculous. We wouldn’t elect someone like HER President. We have only to look back a few years to know that’s not true. We twice elected George W. Bush. Bush was just an all around regular guy and based on that we elected him President. No one really knew who he was, and when he did go into the media he was awkward. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has had time to perfect her media blitz. She has taken her folksy character to a level Bush couldn’t imagine. Just recently her daughters Bristol and Willow threw insults and swear words across Facebook at a boy from their school who derided their mother’s show.  In what was a display of crude, immature belligerence, they showed themselves as mean-spirited teenagers. (To be fair, they are teenage girls. This attitude is not uncommon.) Not two days later Bristol apologized on her Facebook page. The next week, Willow responded to allegations about her partying with a carefully worded statement to E! News, where she was calm and said, “I recognize that my family has been given a great honor and privilege to make a difference in this country, and even though I am just 16, more is expected of me.” Suddenly they were very mature, rational teenagers.

Looks like Mama Grizzly didn’t much like the little ones messing with public perception. While her policy beliefs may be ambiguous at best, and her qualifications scant at most, Sarah Palin is becoming a media master. With the power of America’s most watched cable news network, and a family life framed by what could now only laughingly be referred to as “The Learning Channel” Sarah Palin is shaping her future, and possibly ours.


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