My Goals for Post-a-Day 2011

My Goals for Post a Day 2011

After a few days of thought, I’ve decided to take part in the new WordPress Post-a-Day 2011. As a beginning blogger, one of the hardest things for me has been developing the discipline to write as often as possible. I work a full-time job and have other responsibilities so it is easy to rationalize away the fact that I should write. I suppose that has something to do with why I’m about six days late to this particular party. I’m however choosing to focus on the fact that I showed up at all. I have a plaque sitting on my desk. It says, “Reports of My Brilliance are Highly Understated.”  This is true. Some might say that those reports are non-existent. So, I’ve developed a few goals for this challenge to try to change that trend.

1)Create an inventory of article ideas: One of the biggest problems I have with posting as often as everyday is that I need ideas. I have many ideas throughout the day, but I forget them. I’ve taken to writing down a list of ideas as soon as I have them. This way whenever I decide to write I can just pick a number off the list.

2)Work on more than one article at a time: I’ve decided to not just work on the article I plan to publish that day but also one or two others. My goal is to be able to have something written, and have a chance to revise it, before it gets published. Having a backlog of articles in the works also makes it easier to post every day, even if I have little time, because multiple articles could be near completion at any time.

3) Do more blog surfing-: The whole point of blogging is to put knowledge, experience and opinions in the public forum. With so many people blogging,  there is a huge community of people. Some may agree with me, some may not. Many people probably write about a number of things that I care about. For me those are things like politics, education, or food and cooking. I plan to do a better job of finding those people to further my understanding of these topics.

4)Comment on other blogs more often:  One of the things I appreciate most is when people take the time to comment on my posts. I love to get feedback. Since most of my writing is opinion-based, I want people to tell me when they agree or disagree. That kind of discussion is essential to furthering our understanding of issues. I am not particularly good about commenting on others posts though. I plan to comment more often and make an effort to respond to every comment on my posts.

I think this is a good start. If I manage to achieve these goals I will be pretty proud of myself. It’s not going to be an easy task. I started blogging to put my ideas out into public, though, and I can’t expect people to pay attention unless I am consistent about posting. So, as I start Post-a-Day 2011, I’m feeling optimistic. I’ve got to go get started. This is only the beginning. Tomorrow is another day, and another post.


2 responses to “My Goals for Post-a-Day 2011

  1. Good luck with it. It’s a very valuable but difficult undertaking. I also set out for a post a day but am currently tracking at an average of about 6 a week. I’m sure your stamina is much better than mine though.

  2. We’ll see. I’m started on my post for tomorrow, and I really hope I can put together a small library over the weekend when I have time. Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck to you.

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