The End of Week One

So today marks a very important milestone for me. Three days into the post-a-day challenge and I’m suffering from a terrible illness. Writer’s block. So I have decided to write about whatever comes to mind. It is true that there may be something insightful in here, but I don’t promise it.

This has been a terrible weekend in national politics. The shooting in Arizona was a terrible event. Unfortunately, it will cause a debate that isn’t warranted. Gun control laws are already being called into question. Major issues in American politics are always brought up by the smallest incident. Gun control is an important issue in this country, but we have to be realistic about its implications. What I mean is that the right to own a firearm has been  solidified in this country over a number of years. I know a number of responsible gun owners. I don’t personally understand the fascination with guns, but there isn’t anything wrong with them, necessarily.

The problem in this debate is no different from the problem of most issues. People draw a line in the sand. They say you have to believe in a set of principles or you aren’t worthy. Suddenly, being a Republican or Democrat, means that you have no independent view. You must follow the party platform to the letter. Politicians used to be able to vote for most of the party’s views, but there were fiscally conservative Democrats and socially liberal Republicans.

The reason that politicians have pigeonholed themselves into such narrow platforms is that we, American public, have  been so easy to sell. It has become public knowledge that catchphrases rule the day. If we became more involved in the political discussion, our political leaders would be more accountable. They would have to answer real questions.

For a short post, I merely want to say that we must hold all officials accountable. At the local, state, and federal level, it is important that we pay attention to what our elected officials do., and we cannot let one incident cloud our judgement about larger issues.


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