My 5 Least Favorite Presidents

As with my previous list, this is in no way supposed to represent who I think the best and worst presidents were. This addresses only a number of things that annoy me about past presidents. So here are the five. Well, actually six, there was a tie for 3rd place.

5) Bill Clinton

Clinton probably shouldn’t be on this list, but I was having trouble with one thing and I think it needs to be said. My one problem with Pres. Clinton has always been that he cheated on his wife when he was President; with Monica Lewinsky.  That’s the part that pushed me over the edge.  Monica Lewinsky was the best he could get. He was the most powerful man in the world. He could’ve done better. I think it was just laziness. I mean look at JFK. That guy got Marilyn Monroe. That was ambition. JFK was a pro. I’m sorry to say it, but Clinton really let us down on that one.

4) Ronald Reagan

It is unfortunate that Pres. Reagan also has to be included. I’m no fan of Reagan’s politics, but this is not a list of who I think had the worst policies. This is about the Presidents I don’t like to talk about and why. Why don’t I like to talk about Pres. Reagan? I don’t, because I keep being forced to.  Republican’s can’t open their mouths anymore without pulling out Reagan. Try it. Ask a Republican politician a question and see how long it takes them to mention him. Who is a personal hero of yours? Ronald Reagan! What’s your favorite book? Reagan Diaries. (That’s actually a real question and answer from the RNC Chairman debate. Guess who won. It was the guy that said Reagan Diaries.) If aliens came down to Earth today they would probably believe that Ronald Reagan was the only Republican ever elected President. It’s killing me. I mean, Republicans have the guy that abolished slavery and I can’t remember his name because all I hear is Ronald Reagan.

3)  George W. Bush\Rutherford B. Hayes

This spot is a tie because both men made the list for the same reason. They were only kinda elected. For some reason our electoral system allows a guy to get elected when more people voted for his opponent. This apparently happens every 120 years roughly.
When you lose the popular vote and still win the election it makes your term less legitimate. It just goes against the foundation of democracy.

2)Richard Nixon

Nixon did a number of good things during his time in the White House. He ended the draft, and improved relations with China, among other things. Eventually, he was forced to resign because of his role in the cover-up of the Watergate incident. These things are not the direct cause of his place on this list. The main cause is that there was recorded evidence that he knew about the crime and the cover-up. He was the President and a seasoned, veteran politician. How did he not realize that there were recordings of the things he said. That’s just ridiculous.

1)William Henry Harrison

To start with the first Pres. Harrison is responsible for one of the most useless pieces of knowledge I possess. He ran his campaign on the slogan, “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too.”  The slogan stemmed from his role in the battle of Tippecanoe when Harrison was a military officer.  As the oldest President to ever be elected until Ronald Reagan, Harrison gave a two-hour long inaugural address on a cold and rainy day. He didn’t even wear a coat. 31 days later he died from complications brought on by what was apparently a cold. This makes him easily one of the most ineffective Presidents, but mostly I’m mad about the slogan. When am I ever going to need to know about that, but I can’t forget it now.


2 responses to “My 5 Least Favorite Presidents

  1. hahahah this is absolutely awesome in ever way.

    I was nearly on the verge of arguing Clinton with you, but once I got halfway through the paragraph, I literally laughed aloud. Well played…

    • Yeah, I thought I would get people with Clinton. Monica is the only thing that kept him of my favorite five. Once I thought through the logic though, I couldn’t pass it up.

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