Who Does Cable News Think We Are?

I have chosen to write a little bit today about the unbelievable medium that is cable news.  Winter has officially come to Kansas. Snow is on the ground. I shovelled my driveway for the first time. We actually had a true low temperature below zero. I’m not talking about that wind chill stuff. It was actually below zero. What does this have to do with cable news? You would hope nothing, but alas some things just aren’t true.  I stay away from cable news. First, I don’t have cable. I just don’t think it’s worth the money. In recent years this has proven more problematic. Football is increasingly moving off network television.  The internet has truly helped to fill the void however. As a committed member of Netflix, and avid watcher of Hulu, I manage to catch most of what I want to watch anyway. It also saves me a good chunk of change.

Because of all of that, I haven’t been watching cable news, but I’ve got a pretty good idea what they’re up to. I guess I should be more specific, I know what conservative cable news is up to. They don’t think global warming is real. Why? It’s really cold and there is snow on the ground, what more evidence do you need. Do they think we are really that stupid? Are we really that stupid?

Yes, it’s cold right now. Guess what? It’s winter. It’s supposed to be cold. Global warming is about the rise in average temperatures over a long period of time. One snow storm in one part of the world doesn’t have a whole lot to do with hit.  If somebody on the news is convincing even one person around the world that global warming is a fraud just because snow falls in the winter, we need to seriously think about the standard of journalism in this country.

I know we don’t all have time to become experts on global climatology. There are experts out there; however, and there isn’t a whole lot of disagreement amongst them.  The last thing we should do is listen to politicians. I’ll be glad to put money on the table and bet anyone that the next member of Congress to say global warming is a fraud takes money from industries that cause major pollution.  Their brains aren’t talking, but the money in their pockets is screaming.

Liberal cable news has probably not been any better this week. My guess. We need more gun control. Generally, I’m on the side of gun control, but saying that the events of this week could have been prevented is nonsense. Using the grief of people to push your agenda is just disgusting politics.Yes, we should have a discussion about gun control, but we have to be realistic about it.  People who intend to kill others is massive carnage are not going to be stopped by the law.  I heard one person ask on a news program (for the life of me I can’t remember where) “Why do we allow people to purchase an extended clip?”  One gun advocate responded that it wouldn’t have made that much difference because changing a magazine takes very little time. I would somewhat agree. More importantly I would ask if a few fewer people had been shot would this be less tragic. Maybe someone would be alive that is not today. That would be wonderful, but the tragedy in Tucson would remain. Saying we should outlaw an extended magazine is like saying we don’t care if you shoot 9 people, just don’t shoot 19. We shouldn’t be playing politics here. Do you want to outlaw handguns? Fine, put the bill out there. I would support it. If were going to says guns are the problem then go after the guns. Don’t tell me a larger magazine is what we should focus on.

I support responsible hunters. I have uncles who are hunters, and I generally feel that they have a great respect for the animals they kill. Those of us who relish a good piece of meat cannot act like we are more righteous because we don’t kill the animals we eat. Handguns aren’t used for hunting. Assault weapons aren’t either. Gun control is important but let’s have an honest discussion. The shooting in Arizona could possibly have been prevented. It wasn’t.  We need to move on and try to heal. Grieve for those we lost and rejoice in the recovery of those we did not

I suppose I’m done preaching. It’s late and I have to work in the morning. I just wanted to say one thing. If you hear something and it sounds a little off. Maybe it doesn’t quite make sense. Take 10 minutes, look it up, at least give it a little thought. If we all did that it would go a long way toward bettering us as a people.


One response to “Who Does Cable News Think We Are?

  1. First of all, major credit to you for not having cable.

    Second of all, check out a Slingbox. I have one (they don’t show the Phillies or Eagles in Boston), and once I move out of my comfortable, all-inclusive BU apartment, I won’t be able to afford cable… that is, if I don’t move back in with my parents.

    Anyway, my Slingbox is hooked up to my cable box in PA to my parents cable… it’s one of the greatest inventions in technological history.

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