News Flash: Partisanship a Thing of the Past

Reports from Washington are rolling in. The partisan divide has been crossed. Compromise is the name of the game. Bipartisanship reigns supreme.  In just about one hour, Republicans and Democrats will hear the State of the Union and they will sit together. Apparently, this year they are abandoning the standard separation in a show of unity.

I’m tired of this. Is it really possible that anyone on Capitol Hill believes this makes a difference. Do the members of Congress really think that because they can sit next to each other for a couple of hours anyone will think they actually working together. It bothers me to think that our elected officials hold us in such high regard.

If Congress wants to make the public think they are working for the benefit of the country, they should just do it. I’m tired of politicians thinking that a show of bipartisanship doesn’t actually have to involve working together. I hope that in a little while the President might say the same thing. I suppose we will see.


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