Happy Birthday Kansas


Kansas State Flag



John Brown Mural in Kansas Capitol Building

As I’m sure you all know that today,Jan. 29th, is Kansas’ birthday. It was on this day in 1861 that Kansas was ushered over the great divide from territory to statehood. We joined the Union as its 34th member. Nicknamed “The Sunflower State,” it was originally organized as a territory by the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854.  Kansas entered as a free state 7 years later after bloody violence between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces. The Capitol in Topeka features a famous mural of abolitionist John Brown. It also turns out to be the lifelong home of this humble blogger.

This is no ordinary birthday though. Today, Kansas turns 150. A landmark, and I say the ole’ girl doesn’t look a day over 112. It is fitting that this years

Kansas State's Willie the Wildcat

round of the Men’s Basketball “Sunflower Showdown” took place tonight, continuing the 7th longest rivalry in NCAA basketball. Being a born and raised Wildcat, the result was nowhere near what this blogger would

Kansas Jayhawk

have liked, but it is good that at 150 years, in most sports, the Kansas-Kansas State rivalry is regaining its allure.


So, congratulations Kansas, and here’s to the next 150.


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