Roller Derby Mayhem

I haven’t got time to post anything in-depth tonight. I need a day to recuperate from my Tea Party tirade. This gives me a chance to talk about something special. Tonight I attended what might be the best sport no one is talking about. I speak of course of the roller derby.

Some friends invited me to see a girl we know from high school. So we loaded up the car and headed down to Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City to attend the season opener for the Kansas City Roller Warriors. For having no exposure to the game beforehand, it was surprisingly easy to get engaged and I have to say, a whole lot of fun.  The atmosphere was electric, and at the same time very intimate. You could walk around and buying team souvenirs and t-shirts on the floor right where the bouts were taking place. Members of the teams were milling about with the fans and it created a feeling of what it must have been like before athletes were millionaire superstars. A time when you could get to know you favorite player.

Hats off to the Kansas City Roller Warriors for a great show and competition tonight. I will definitely be going back. If you have a local roller derby team you should check it out. Tonight, I found out I really enjoyed something that 6 months ago I didn’t know existed.


One response to “Roller Derby Mayhem

  1. My heart is broken. The next Roller Warriors derby is on April 2nd. Unfortunately so is the Bright Eyes show at the Uptown. I don’t know what I’m going to do without those mean ladies on skates!

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