Republican’s Cut Spending By Funding NASCAR?

The spending battle continues and today it got just a little more ridiculous.  The House is nearing passage of its spending cut bill. they want to eliminate $61 billion from the budget for the rest of this year. Not surprisingly the money will come from a bunch of programs they don’t care about. You know the ones that don’t make corporations any money. The bill would prevent funding for Planned Parenthood and the Obama Healthcare law. So we’re going to make it harder for women to get medical care in case of an unplanned pregnancy. Especially since her insurance company may just drop her coverage because they can.

The National Endowment for the Arts would see a huge cut in funding. This makes sense because we don’t really need museums, theaters and symphonies.  It’s not really necessary to appreciate history and music. I’m sure they would appropriate that money if they could guarantee it was going to the Creation Museum in Tennessee.

In an action of real arrogance they are trying to prevent funding for so-called “policy czars” in the Obama Administration. These include the guy who makes sure that the financial institutions that received help from TARP obey certain rules about executive compensation. I wonder why Republican’s wouldn’t want that guy around. My guess is that their friends on Wall Street are complaining about not making millions of dollars while they destroy the economy. The Republicans say the reason is that these posts should have been confirmed by the Senate. Not long ago Senate Republicans and Democrats came to an agreement to cut the list of jobs needing Senate approval. Now the House wants them to add some. I think the House should stay out of the Senate’s business.

In case you don’t buy the Wall Street argument, the bill will also cut the budget of the SEC. With the money the SEC had the past couple of years they couldn’t manage to regulate the financial industry. This year they’re supposed to do it with less money, and implement the new financial reform. The House also passed an amendment to eliminate Nancy Pelosi’s initiative to make the Capitol more environmentally friendly. It would have cost $1.5 million. That was deemed to expensive. They did it by voice vote, so we don’t know who supported it.

Don’t worry though. As the AP’s Andrew Taylor reports in a 281-148 vote the House approved letting the Pentagon spend over $7 million to sponsor NASCAR teams. That seems like money well spent.

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