Support A Good Cause with Pizza

I heard a great story on NPR yesterday. Public employees in Wisconsin have been protesting the governor’s plan to strip them of their collective bargaining rights.  It turns out a pizza place in Madison sent some after hours pizzas to the protesters at the Capitol. This story got around and soon people from all over the country were ordering pizza for the protesters. The story continued to spread. As of yesterday, it seems people from countries all over the world are donating food to the protesters. Examples include Eqypt, Morocco, Brazil and a number of countries in Europe. This is maybe the coolest story I’ve heard in awhile. People from all over are doing something to support the people in Wisconsin.

If you can and you would like to support the public employees in Wisconsin visit, click on the Madison, WI location and you will see a blog with all the information you need. I hope if you can you will support Wisconsin public employees as they fight for their rights.


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