Independent Kansan at 6 Months Old

It’s hard to believe but it was six months ago I set out on this journey. I’ve always had opinions about public policy, and society. I get nearly Medieval when it comes to talking about education. I’m not surprised that I’ve enjoyed being able to make my views publicly known. The internet is an unbelievable tool that connects all of us more and more. I am surprised that people seem to pay attention. For instance, I post all my articles to my Facebook page. The responses I’ve received from Facebook include people I went to high school with, and members of my family that I see very rarely.  I’ve also tried to connect other ways. I comment as often as possible on articles at the Kansas Free Press. This is a website that brings citizens of Kansas together to comment on what is happening in Kansas and beyond. I also follow  a few blogs as you can see to the right.  Urban Edventure is a blog by a guy trying to be a great teacher. I follow his blog and he follows mine. He was a student teacher in Boston when I first read his blog. Without the Internet I would have never read or understood the experiences of a person in that environment.  As someone very concerned with education, his experiences were very important because they provide a glimpse into how teachers are prepared for the first years of their career.

You also may have looked at It Begs the Question. Larry Wolhgemuth, who writes this blog, provides a very provactive look at government behavior. Considering that he is older than me, it is interesting that he is also far more liberal than I am.  I really enjoy that. The public discussion needs views from all sides. We need conservatives, liberals, and radicals. Larry does a wonderful job of presenting the question that most people don’t take the time to ask. You should give it a look.

My overall point is that I’ve learned a lot in six months. I feel that my opinions have been supported and criticised. People I have very little connection with have read my ideas. A woman who knows my aunt sent me a Facebook message. She encouraged me to continue with this endeavor. This is a woman I have never heard of, never met. When that happens it is the greatest boost in confidence you can imagine.  I can only hope that this grows. I hope that at 1 year and 10 years, I am still doing this. I hope that more people are doing this. The public discussion can only be better with more voices.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me, commented, and merely read what I have to say. I hope that in the future I hear more. Independent Kansan will only get better if this blog has more input. Here’s too another 6 months and more that I try to provide a voice of civility in a world of madness.


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