Let’s Call It An Anecdote.

I swear that my reaction to the President’s education speech on Monday is coming. I’ve listened to it 3 times. I have two and a half pages of notes. I’m really working on a good one. It’s not ready yet, however, I have an amusing little story to tell you.

I went for a walk today. It was sixty-seven degrees. The sun was shining, and “All Things Considered” was on NPR. So, I decided to get some exercise and listen to the news on my MP3 player on a beautiful day. I took a 3 mile walk. On this walk, I cross a couple of roads with heavy traffic. One has a cross walk with an island in the middle. This allows me to cross half the road then wait for a car to pass before I cross the other half. With all that known let me set the scene.

A 29-year-old man is walking along on a wonderful spring day. He has headphones in his ears and seems happy as a lark. While crossing a street he gets halfway across and sees a car coming. He couldn’t hear it because his headphones are playing “All Things Considered” on NPR. The man had been preoccupied by crossing the street so he hadn’t been closely listening to the report at the time. As the car passes it dawns on him that the report in his ears is about the hazards of crossing a well trafficked street while multitasking. In other words, if he had been listening he probably would have taken the headphones out of his ears so he could hear.

The man was taken aback. He was engaging in life threatening activity. It was then that the report said young adults ably crossed similar streets in this manner according to the study being examined. It was really only those over sixty that were at risk. The man was elated. He had been perfectly safe the entire time.

True story.


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