Punxsutawny Phil Can Kiss My . . . Well, You Get The Idea.

As I left my house to attend my real job this morning, I was met by a very unwelcome feeling. It was freezing cold air, and there was snow on the ground. I was taken aback, perplexed, perhaps even bamboozled.  You see, I am a fan of Groundhog Day, and I have seen this years prediction from Gobbler’s Knob. You can watch it here. My good friend Phil predicted an early spring. So the past couple of weeks when the weather has been wonderful and temperate I knew he had not let me down. Then yesterday happened and I barely made it home in a mini-blizzard. There was snow on the ground this morning and Bryan Busby of KC’s KMBC Channel 9 is saying there could be more. Not that I believe him anymore than I believe him anymore than some marmot in Pennsylvania.  Why can’t we get the weather right? Just a thought, but my parents always said I would make a good weatherman. You see, I used to be pretty good at horseshoes. They say “almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” We should probably start adding meteorology (man or marmot predicted) to that.


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