Why Don’t We Ask?

I was asked a question today. “We have extra-large and extra-small. Why doesn’t anyone make an extra-medium?” This may seem like a silly question, and it was. It was just a joke, but it made me think. We don’t ask enough questions anymore.  We don’t ask questions of our leaders, of those on television or radio. The question is why not?

This problem is huge if people watch cable news. Cable news networks have descended into the ridiculous. They report whatever is sensational and pulls in viewers. What they report isn’t about news value it’s about ratings. It’s also the reason Republicans will stand up and say a piece of legislation raises taxes, and Democrats will stand up and say it lowers taxes. They’re hoping we won’t question them. One of them has to be lying, and most likely they both are to some extent.  I just wanted to challenge everyone out there to question the things you hear. Not only the things you disagree with, but even things you do agree with. Just because you think it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s easy to question those we disagree with. It’s much harder to question the things we believe in. Give it a try.


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