A Special Thank You

I’ve been using my Netflix subscription to re-watch the TV show “The West Wing.” If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is easily one of the most well written shows in television history. It had a great cast, and was all around good drama. I was supposed to receive the final disc of the second season last weekend. It never made it. I was lazy and didn’t get around to reporting it to Netflix until the middle of this week. They kindly shipped me another disc and it was supposed to arrive today.

So yesterday, I’m listening to the news and all the talk is about a government shutdown.
Congress and the President can’t make a deal. The Tea Party wants to defund everything, Democrats would rather do nothing and stuck in the middle is me, and you, but mostly me waiting on a DVD.

If they had not come to an agreement, the government would stop working. The Post Office is a part of government. In fact they are the part of government that brings my Netflix DVD’s to me. All day yesterday I was worried about a shutdown of one of the more important things in my life; “The West Wing.” It would be sitting in a dark post office not half a mile from my house and I would have no way to reach it. It was a terrible feeling.

However, I awoke today to the greatest of news. A deal had been reached. The government stayed open. This afternoon my disc arrived. Today we will answer the persistent question, “Will President Bartlet run for a second term?”

It is therefore necessary to extend my thanks. Thank you President Obama, Speaker Boehner, and Sen. Reid for finding a solution. Thank you to the Tea Party Republicans for taking fewer spending cuts than you wanted. Thank you to Democrats for allowing cuts you did not want. For the next 2 1/2 hours I will be watching show about American government. A show where, in general, the government functions a lot better than any of you allow in reality.


5 responses to “A Special Thank You

  1. The Post office wouldn’t be affected by a shutdown, they aren”t tax payer funded, so you would have been okay!

  2. Dang, I probably would have been so upset that I’d buy an Xbox and download it.

  3. The West Wing is a great show; I have the complete series on DVD. Last week, my wife and I watched the episodes in season 5 where the government shut down. I doubt that Obama and Boehner were as dramatic in there meetings, but you never know.

    • It is a great show. After I wrote that post and took a shot at Obama, Boehner, and Reid, I was wondering if anyone would bring up the fact that on The West Wing the government did actually shut down.

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