I Need A Conservative Blog

Let me explain. I am a regular reader of the Kansas Free Press. There are a number of people who blog there and it is something you should read, especially if you live in Kansas. On that site there are a few people who regularly comment. A couple are more conservative than most of the contributors. They make comments knowing that most people who read the site will disagree with them. They made me think that I need to read and comment on blogs more conservative than mine. I can write all I want, but if I don’t go out and challenge others what’s the point.  As a country we should have a discussion. My problem is that I haven’t found any. Let me clarify I haven’t found any reasonable ones.  There are plenty of conservative blogs that spout Obama myths and have comment sections purely about the evils of liberalism, but I want one with a genuine discussion. The comment section at the Kansas Free Press is great. The discussion is meaningful and respectful. I can’t believe there are no conservative sites that are the same. There have to be. While I may disagree with conservatives on any number of issues, I have known many with whom I could have a great conversation. We have genuine disagreements and we should talk about them. So I’m asking if anyone knows a good conservative blog tell me about it. Not the big ones. I don’t care about Ann Coulter. I’m looking for normal everyday people. If you have any suggestions let me know.


7 responses to “I Need A Conservative Blog

  1. I’ve actually been looking for a conservative site myself. If you find anything, please do share. My guess is that you will not find one in Kansas as the dominant party is primarily conservative – I’d look to the blue states for a dissenting consideration.

    • That’s a good idea. I’d never considered that it would be less likely in a red state. I’ve actually looked at a number of more conservative blogs but all I find are the Obama-hating conspiracy ones. I just want to find someone who puts forth a reasonable argument for conservative principles. The blogosphere seems to be a haven for the extreme from both sides.

  2. givesgoodemail

    National Review isn’t too ranty and weird–except sometimes.

    You can try this list, but Pam Geller’s joke “news” blog is in the list, which doesn’t speak particularly well for it.

  3. You could try Red State. They often have local Republicans write stuff. I’ve been reading some articles posted by Ben Hodges of late. It’s obviously conservative, but not always insanely so.

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