Daily Archives: April 18, 2011

My 100th Post

One hundred posts seems like a milestone to me. It shouldn’t be happening now. I took on the post a day challenge this year and I’ve been writing since September of 2010. That is far more than 100 days, but I’m not looking back. I didn’t realize that today would be my 100th post but I want to rehash something. Carlos from Machimon made a comment on my last post about buying jeans and “rolling around in mud to make them look respectable.” That reminded me of something I wrote 4-5 years ago and I post it here for all of you.

This is something I’ve been angry about for awhile and you’ve all probably heard my rant. Anyway, I wanted to put it in writing because it is an important issue concerning the world today.

Jeans that you buy with holes in them. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I have two distinct problems with this new trend, and neither of them is that it just doesn’t make sense, although that is true. One, when you buy jeans with pre-fabricated holes in them you are really destroying integrity of your jeans. They are going to wear out faster, whether you get something caught on those holes and it rips or they just get bigger. At some point you paid a lot of money for something you truly could have gone to a thrift store for!

Two, YOU’RE LYING TO THE WORLD! It’s true. If you didn’t earn those holes how can you even go into public with them. I mean really, if someone says how did you get that hole in your knee what are you going to say??? “Oh, I bought them that way.” That is not a good story. I have a pair of jeans with holes in both knees and if someone asks me what happened I can tell them I got one on my birthday two years ago when we all took so many Crown & Peach shots that nobody could hardly walk and my roommate Jose and I got into a wrestling match outside of my friend Liz’s apartment. The next morning my knee was screwed up and I had a hole in my jeans. Or I will tell them about how in Aggieville one day my buddy Travis was drunk and decided he was going to jump on my shoulders without telling me and I ended up on the ground on one knee with him on my back. Both are better than “I bought them that way.”

So If I can say anything it’s that this ridiculous trend must go. It’s time we started being truthful to the world. And seriously a couple of years ago if somebody asked you “Would you ever spend 50 dollars to buy jeans that have holes in them?” What would you have said? I doubt your answer would be yes!