A Look At The Men Who Killed Bin Laden

With Osama Bin Laden’s death, I think it is worthwhile to consider how it was accomplished. A special forces unit commonly referred to as “SEAL Team Six” carried out the attack. United States Special Forces are a very select group of men. Their training is at least insanely tough. They put themselves in the most dangerous situations that American military personnel encounter. It may seem odd, but this event leads me to recommend a television show.

Based on Command Sergeant Major Eric L. Haney’s book Inside Delta Force, the Fox show “The Unit” provided an insightful look into the lives of soldiers who can’t talk about what they do, and families who don’t know where their dad or husband is. It shows kids who don’t know when their dad is coming back, what he’s doing, or if he’s alive. When a person is engaged in highly classified activity, no one else knows. Not spouses, parent or anyone else.

If anyone deserves credit for ridding the world of Osama Bin Laden, it is not Presidents, or policy advisors. It is the men of SEAL Team Six, and their families. Those who put everything on the line for their country.


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