Irony Has Met Its Limits

We have reached the absolute pinnacle of irony in this country. It’s over. We can’t possibly beat this one. Two Muslim men were removed from a flight on May 6th. They were travelling from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC. The pilot refused to fly the two men, who were dressed in traditional clothing. They were the equivalent of a priest wearing his collar. The two men had been through security, and also a second security check. The pilot said that they made the passengers uncomfortable and ordered them off the plane. This is the good part. The two Muslims were on the way to a conference about prejudice against Islam. How did that happen?  Apparently, the men were put on another flight and when they got to Charlotte, they called their lawyer.

This is just the lastest in a long trend of anti-Islam feeling going on in this country. Some of it can be understood. We were attacked by people claiming to fight in the name of Islam, but that was nearly ten years ago. It’s about time that we figure out that most Muslims are not bad people. Misconceptions about Islam are as rididculous as misconceptions in the Arab world about the United States.  I took a comparative politics class once in which a kid asked what was the difference between an Arab and a Muslim . I even saw it reported by a news organization ( I think it was ABC, but I can’t find the article) as 5 things Americans should know about Muslims.  It was considered news that not all Muslims are Arabs. In every culture and every country, there will be those who are ill-educated about certain issues, and far too accepting of anything they hear or read. In this country, it is getting a little too mainstream.

Logic would tell you that these men weren’t terrorists. For one, what did they wish to accomplish with a commuter flight from Atlanta to Charlotte. There’s no symbolism, no grand point to be made. Even if they just wanted to blow up an airplane, why would they obviously identify themselves as Muslims. The people dressed as Imams are the first ones I’m not afraid of. In the end I just couldn’t believe that someone managed to be prejudiced against a couple of men going to a conference on that very subject. That’s some kind of PR for our country.


One response to “Irony Has Met Its Limits

  1. Matt – great post. Right to the point, in my opinion.

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