Dallas Moves To Honorary Ohio

With the first Republican debate happening tonight, and the race for the Presidency starting in force, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the funny little things in politics. It was widely reported that the President and Vice President were playing a round of golf with the Speaker of the House, and Ohio Governor John Kasich. After that Kasich, went back to Ohio to deal with the pressing matters of government. What pressing matters? He wanted to make fun of Lebron James.

So the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship. That’s great for them. It’s the first title in franchise history and I’m sure is very exciting for basketball fans in Dallas.

This is where it gets funny. The Dallas victory is possible more exciting for the citizens of Ohio. Still feeling bitterly betrayed by LeBron James and the manner in which he left for Miami, Cleveland Cavaliers fans are ecstatic to see Miami fall short of the championship. They are apparently so happy the Ohio Gov. John Kasich took the time to make the members of the Dallas Mavericks organization honorary Ohioans. I knew Cleveland fans were pissed when LeBron left but I had no idea that it was this bad. The Governor got involved and took Image courtesy of CNN.comshots at James in his declaration. He praised Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki for resigning with Dallas in 2010 and, “remaining loyal to the team, city and fans for whom he played his entire career.” I think Kasich was talking about you LeBron. It would appear the government of Ohio doesn’t like public employees, but they really don’t like LeBron James.


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