Palin’s Trickle-Down History: George Washington

In the aftermath of the so-called “folksy word salad,” in which she described Paul Revere’s midnight ride. It seems Sarah Palin may have been giving history lessons to her supporters.

According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, Peter Singleton is a lawyer and representative of the group Organize4Palin. He’s been going around Iowa trying to drum up support for the former Alaska governor. He believes that she is going to run. He said the thought of her staying out of the race was  “unthinkable” and likened Palin’s situation to that of George Washington saying:

“Can you see George Washington in 1776 sitting it out? Unthinkable. He wanted to be back on his farm but they said we need you to be president of the republic.”

I would just like to point out that no one was asking George Washington to be President in 1776. There wasn’t even a country for him to lead as President. To go even further, when the country existed under the Articles of Confederation George Washington did not serve as the Executive. It wasn’t until 1789 that George Washington became the first President elected under the Constitution.

Now, I have to admit that perhaps he just misspoke, but then I went to the Organize4Palin website and found a page detailing Palin’s views on issues. Under “American Exceptionalism” is a quote from a SarahPAC post:

Please remember we must learn about our past – our great successes, our bitter struggles, our enduring strength – in order to navigate through the challenges ahead so that we might remain a shining city on a hill and the abiding beacon of freedom.”—SarahPAC post(6/8/2011)

Not only is this coming from the woman who mangled Paul Revere, it’s being reposted by a guy who put George Washington in charge of a country 13 years early. That’s a great example of learning about our past to help us in the future.

Singleton claims he has never met Palin.  A claim I find interesting considering he is canvassing Iowa finding volunteers and supporters. However, it could be true. The Palin team should realize this is just another example of things that make Palin look like she isn’t qualified to lead a nation. If they truly aren’t associated with this guy, they should really try to shut him up.

On a side note, do you think this will get Wikipedia’s George Washington page shut down?


7 responses to “Palin’s Trickle-Down History: George Washington

  1. I also get upset when “patriotic” Americans mangle out illustrious history.

  2. Just when you think things can’t get any weirder. Honestly . . .

  3. I haven’t heard any of Bachmann’s recent comments, so thanks for the heads up! I’ve (finally) finished up some summer courses, so I’ll have more time to creep the news media!

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