Will They Ever Stop?

The Westboro Baptist Church is at it at again. Now they are targeting Betty Ford. The former First Lady died this week. Betty Ford was known for bringing drug addiction out of the shadows and giving it national attention. It is not surprising that Westboro would choose to picket her funeral. t. According to their press release Betty Ford got a divorce before she married Gerald Ford. This means she committed adultery. Therefore, she is now in Hell, and it is the work of God’s servants to tell everyone about it.

I thought I missed the days when Westboro just hated gay people. Back then they were called extreme, but they really weren’t too far off the Christian mainstream path. A lot of fundamentalist Christian factions hate gay people. They aren’t as brazen about it, but it is still true. Jerry Falwell was and Pat Robertson is no fan of the homosexual community but they have been considered pillars of the evangelical movement. Westboro didn’t make Kansas look so bad then. I’ve changed my mind.

Now, Westboro has pushed further to the point where it seems they believe everyone is evil but them. They protest everything, whether they have a reason or not. It is disturbing, especially at the funerals of fallen soldiers. Their signs say they hope for more people to be killed. In a way, I find that kind of comforting. I love that they are pushing themselves further to the fringe. As a person who grew up and still lives in Kansas, I would be glad to see these people not be taken seriously, and given no attention.

Betty Ford was a wonderful woman. She fought for women’s rights and took issues that were considered taboo and forced us to talk about them. Betty Ford knew that hiding problems doesn’t solve problems. She wanted to put those issues in the national spotlight and we should be thankful. I hope more people with national attention do follow her example.


One response to “Will They Ever Stop?

  1. When I was young, of more radical opinions, my working definition of a born again christian was someone who loved you so much that they would kill you to keep you from falling into sin. There is a topical comment at:

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