Two Signs of Hope From Very Odd Places

I gotta tell you I never would have seen this coming. In the increasingly polarized country we live in today, it is hard to believe that conservatives and liberals could talk about each other, much less with each other. Yet, during my daily scanning of the headlines on Google news, I came across an article I thought surely had to be a joke. I read it and it wasn’t. The whole thing was true. It appeared to be a rare occurrence, something a person might never see. I moved on, amazed by my luck, and then it happened again.

No I’m talking about Rep. David Wu being accused of sexual misconduct. Let’s face it, that happens all the time. He is the fourth member of Congress who has been accused this year. It really makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with the people in Congress, but if you ask that it begs the question of what the hell is wrong with us? We vote for these guys. Anyway, I came across two instances of a person defending someone who is in another ideological world from them.  Ann Coulter , who I normally regard as insane although I do own one of her books, was on Sean Hannity’s show and refused to talk badly about Bill Maher. While disagreeing on everything, Maher and Coulter, are actually longtime friends. Maher often introduces Coulter as his “old drinking buddy.” That must have irked Hannity, so Ann Coulter’s on my good list today. Perhaps, that one isn’t so surprising, but then I read that Arianna Huffington went on ABC and defended Michele Bachmann. The media has recently taken to talking about Bachmann’s migraines. While it might be news, even I think that it’s been overblown. Huffington called the media’s coverage “sexist” and said Bachmann was getting the “female treatment.” Those are pretty harsh words coming from someone who must think everything Bachmann believes is crazy.

I feel pretty good about this. It shows that we’re not at each other’s throats constantly. It makes you realize that some people out there can keep things in perspective. And let me tell you, if those people are Ann Coulter, and Arianna Huffington, then there has to be hope for the rest of us.


One response to “Two Signs of Hope From Very Odd Places

  1. Freedom, by the way

    and now NOW has defended Bachman over her shabby representation by Newsweek. Will wonders never cease?

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