I Feel Better, For Awhile At Least

I gotta tell you, it was tough the past few weeks. This whole debt ceiling “debate” was really dragging me down.  I may talk about it in the future, but for now I just wanted to say that I’m glad it’s over. Unfortunately, we’re just going to go through it again in a few months. However, it’s done. I hope maybe we can talk more rationally for now.

So going forward, I’m going to make a few more lists. I’m working on a list of 5 movies from five great filmmakers that I believe people should see. Also by request, I’m going to add a food section where I intend to document and review a recipe every once in a while. In essence, Independent Kansan is going to be broadening its horizons. Hopefully that will give me something to write about when the politics start depressing me. So here’s to the future. Enjoy blogging.

3 responses to “I Feel Better, For Awhile At Least

  1. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, my friend. The “teabaggers” brought us to the brink of default while Europe was reeling and the Euro’s stability is in doubt. These amateur politicians, high on what they believe to be a ‘holy’ war against ‘godless’ Obama-ism. No one, however, is taking credit for the hit to our 401-ks or reasoned future of our country!

  2. Freedom, by the way

    Yes, let’s blame it on a group of constiuents that didn’t have a vote (esp. since S&P basically agreed with their premise–we are woefully in debt and need to cut spending).
    No use exchanging barbs here, though.
    I look forward to seeing your list of “must see” movies. Good luck with your new blog ventures!

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