Bank of America Talks Layoffs. I Talk Hot Dogs.

What do Bank of America, and a guy known as “The Chili Man” have in common?

They both call beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina home. Why do I know this? Well, I’m a frequent listener of NPR. Especially, “All Things Considered,” “Car Talk,” and when it works out, “Marketplace.” Today happened to be a day when I listened to “Marketplace,” and I heard this story. If you read a little of it you will find that reporter Amy Scott talks to Charlotte resident and businessman,

Charlotte hot dog man, Vic Werany

Vic Werany. Vic is the aforementioned “Chili Man.” Here’s my thing. He sells hot dogs. Yes, I know that we often put chili on a hot dog. I a huge proponent of doing so. The chili dog is one of my favorite foods, but the “Chili Man” should sell chili. At best, Vic is the “Chili Dog Man.” Little things like that bother me.

Here’s a couple more that nobody ever talks about. Hot dogs are sometimes referred to as “frankfurters” or “wieners,” and nobody complains? These terms mean something. First of all, they’re all sausages really, but a frankfurter and a wiener would be different. Frankfurters are based on the sausages of Frankfurt, and wieners on the sausages of Vienna. So explain to me how Oscar Meyer sells “franks” and “wieners” that are both hot dogs, and don’t get me started on Vienna sausages!

In reality much can be learned by reading the hot dog entry on Wikipedia. It turns out that these terms do not mean what they originally meant. Not really all that surprising. We, Americans, have a way of changing the definition of things to suit our own needs. Anyway, you should take some time to learn about a classic American grilling food, and no it’s not “barbecue”. I’m from Kansas City. If you misuse that holy word I will have a lengthy discussion with you about “barbecue.”

Oh yeah, the story also mentions that Bank of America is going to lay-off 30,000 people over the next couple of years. You didn’t expect me to talk about that, did you?



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