Why Can’t Kansas Get Any Good Press?

I’ve been away for awhile. Frankly I haven’t had any inspiration to write lately, but a couple of weeks ago I heard a ridiculous story concerning my home state, and today I read another. Both received national news coverage. Just like when our state Board of Education decided that teaching evolution wasn’t important, these stories make us look crazy.

I was listening to “All Things Considered” on NPR a couple of weeks ago and heard an interesting story about our state capital of Topeka. Apparently, prosecuting domestic violence cases is just to expensive. It’s so expensive that the municipal court of Topeka can’t afford to do it. It’s so expensive the Shawnee County District court can’t afford to do it. So what did these two groups do? The district court told the city of Topeka that they would only prosecute cases outside of Topeka. If it happens in Topeka the municipal court was responsible. It seems pretty cut and dry, but Topeka had an ace up its sleeve.  The city council simply repealed the municipal domestic violence statute. Now the municipal court has no authority to prosecute these cases.  As city manager Dan Stanley points out, this doesn’t make domestic violence legal because it is still covered by state law. The problem with this situation is that the two parties simply fought with each other rather that trying to find a mutual solution. Instead, they fought and ended up in a situation that is truly not beneficial to anyone.

This brings us to the story I just read about 25 minutes ago.  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback apparently had some ‘splaing to do. At a Youth in Government event in Topeka, Brownback made some remarks. A senior at Shawnee Mission East High School (home of the Lancers) made a tweet during his remarks with the hashtag (I hate myself a little for using that term) #heblowsalot. Brownback’s staff saw the tweet and called the school. The student ended up in the principal’s office and was told to write a letter of apology.

Now the Governor is apologizing for his overzealous staff, and saying the right to free speech is a “treasured freedom.” I think Gov. Brownback did the right thing. I don’t really have a problem with what his staff did. They should be monitoring social media that involves the Governor. I don’t know why they called the school. They probably shouldn’t have but that is a minor offense. My real problem is with Shawnee Mission East and principal Dr. Karl Krawitz. At what point did the school believe they have any right to order a student to apologize for a comment made on the internet. The student concerned is an adult and has all the constitutional rights of a  U.S. citizen. There is no reason that she should have spent any time in the principal’s office, and certainly no reason the school should have told her she should apologize for voicing her opinion. If anything Dr. Krawitz owes her an apology far more than  Governor Brownback.

Well, I hope my beloved home state gets some better press in the future, but it does feel good to be back.

One last thing, Herman, another woman, give it up man.

7 responses to “Why Can’t Kansas Get Any Good Press?

  1. I read this in the star last week and had pretty much the same reaction except not sure i like tax money being spent on people to surf social media sites for any mention of the Governor’s name.

  2. and in the article he apologized for “his staff” and took no responsibility himself. I’m a little biased. Can’t stand him. He’s (they) have been firing state employees who hold non-political positions and in some cases have been in these positions for years for being too liberal. Not for any performance based reasons but because of their political beliefs. Tip of the iceberg. May be time to get out of Brownbackistan.

  3. Well, Dorothy lived there or perhaps that a left handed compliment by the screenwriter. I’ve always enjoyed Kansas, There are some pretty little women there…and some good bloggers;-)

    • Thanks, Carlos. We do have some pretty little women here. Although, technically the song puts them in Kansas City, which is mostly in Missouri. Oh well, I only live ten miles from the state border, so I’m not bothered.

  4. Freedom, by the way

    I’m fascinated with Topeka’s decision not to prosecute domestic violence cases. Are they still prosecuting victimless crimes like possession of illegal drugs? Unbelievable. I’m with you on the Twitter thing. Students should not lose their 1st ammendment rights just because their students.

    • Topeka’s just shifting responsibility away from the city, which I think is dirty. I couldn’t believe the Twitter thing. Sure you could make it a rule that you can’t use mobile devices during school functions and you could reprimand a student for breaking that rule. For the school to go after a student for what she said is crazy.

  5. History is repeating itself, as far as the social heretic goes. There have been noted times in history where American’s stand socially, have hit us hard. This cycle is one step forward and three steps back. Civil war was about keeping slavery “it could harm the economy”, flyboy’s constitution party didn’t want our country going to war with Germany, “its a European war”, McCarthyism saw commies behind every door, Wallace wanted to be president because “we didn’t need no stinkin civil rights bill”, Reagan fanatics thought Carter was too humble, showed signs of weakness(but we made a deal(s) behind his back and everyone else’s anyway), Gays and their aids problem will destroy America, Dang liberals(wth). Bush gets into office and now we have an onslaught of spending, but its Obamas fault…this never ends, Someone tell me please how we can be so technologically advanced, but teabaggers actions are in the type of McCarthyism era?!

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