Independent Kansan is a blog about bringing common sense back to politics and social discussion. These days fear and money dominate our political system. Neither party seems to really be representing the very people who vote for them.  24 hour cable news networks report what they find sensational and what boosts ratings rather the true reporting of the news. Independent Kansan is committed to putting forth a common sense approach to civil discussion (with perhaps a little humor on the side.)  Please read and comment. We hope to provide a voice of civility in a world of madness.

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  1. Hi there,

    Would you be able to assist me with some details such as the leaderboard / banner rate (duration of the ads/CPM) for this site, if available?

    Much appreciated.

  2. Cant give but maybe able at a later date

    Just found your “gem”! Wow more then about time! i have so wanted to do this myself,but can’t.what i would say to the “use to be”UNITED”States Americans! 1st,we should be AMERICANS united then africans,germans,asians or what ever and not african americans,or german americans,or asian americans get my drift?as soon as we start thinking of our(old) nationality first (insted of our new one) we become selfish puting me befor country and become a divided house and everyone should know that cant stand.if we dont take care of this house no one else will where will we go?back to that old one?how many out there complaning would want to? this is a new nation,a new begining isnt that what we wanted? Isnt that why we came here?does it matter how? We are here now. Now we ALL ARE AmeriCANS we were given a great chance here why are we throing it all away with both hands?shouldnt we be taking advantage of something this great?MILLIONS are dieing trying to get here or trying to copy us and being killed for it. Have to stop

  3. This is a good idea! I read a couple of your posts and have subscribed to it. Thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment. I appreciate you joining the Discourse. Maybe if more people like us step up, and our citizens become aware of what’s going on and give some serious thought to the issues, we’ll put our country in a better position for the future.

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