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Happy New Year: A Look at 2011

Well, it is official. One particular midnight has come and gone and now we all get to spend the next few months writing the wrong year on the date line. Typically people write all about New Year’s resolutions at this time. The blogosphere will be crowded with people making promises to themselves. I am not going to do this. One, if you really want to know my goals for 2011, I have a feeling you’ll ask.  I have instead decided to look forward at what 2011 holds for us.

Across the country new governors are being sworn in. To list a few of my favorites: Andrew Cuomo in New York. I list him because New Yorkers we’re smart enough to not elect his opponent Carl Paladino. Paladino on at least two occasions sounded like he was going to clock the a reporter with the gall to interview him. The second time was during an interview with NPR’s Robert Segal, when he was asked about the first time.

Break out your tie-dye, grow out your hair and light a joint,California is going back to the Seventies. From 1975-1983 Jerry Brown served as California’s 34th governor. Upon leaving he prophetically stole a line from a future California governor saying, “I’ll be back.” Tomorrow, on the 28th anniversary of his first inauguration, Brown is back for his 3rd.  His re-re-election brings up an important trend in American politics. If people know your name because you run for something in every election, they’ll vote for you. Well, except if you happen to be a witch.(I’m looking at you, O’Donnell.)

I could talk about my own state of Kansas and incoming governor Sam Brownback. Unfortunately, I’m to frightened/depressed/wanna-move-to-Canada to do so yet. Maybe, Brownback won’t be so bad. He has already appointed the top lawyer in the Governor’s office. That guy was an advisor to former Attorney General Phil Kline. So, I’m not really excited so far. Hey, I was wrong. At least I can talk about it a little.

Nationally, we had a very productive lame-duck Congress, after a fairly productive regular Congress. This fact combined with the unofficial start of the 2012 Presidential campaign, makes me believe nothing is happening in Washington for a while. Luckily, we still have Sarah Palin going all “Mama Grizzly” on us. So there will be something to talk about. There should be a George W. Bush Award for Providing Comic Fodder. Palin would be a shoe-in.  All in all, 2011 might prove to be a calm year. There are no Olympics, no World Cup. There won’t be any true election fervor for a while, so all our Muslim and Mexican friends can relax for a bit. (Unless you live in Arizona or a few other places, like Kansas, but more on that later.)

Perhaps the most important event of all time, but probably for at least 2011 can be summed up only one way.  “YOU GET THE OPRAH NETWORK, YOU GET THE OPRAH NETWORK, IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT CABLE OR SATTELITE PROVIDER, YOU GET THE OPRAH NETWORK.”

Oprah is now not just on your t.v. for a few hours. She’s got a whole network. I don’t really watch cable television so I won’t see much of it. If you want to win a car or humpback whale, the OWN is for you.

I would like to recognize just a few people who I don’t think got nearly enough press in this last year.  I’m sure you all remember the 30 or so miners who were trapped in a Chilean mine this year. They endured an unbelievable event and in the end were hailed as heroes around the world. One guy who didn’t get as much press was a man named Jeff Hart. Jeff Hart flew halfway around the world from Afghanistan to Chile. His job was to drill the hole that the miners escaped through. There were countless others, from engineers to medical staff and beyond. Unfortunately, I don’t know their names, but without them not one of those miners would have ever seen daylight again. They all deserve Time’s Man of the Year award.

So here we are America at nearly 234 and 1/2. Let’s hope we make it to 235. To all our readers have a Happy New Year. We here at Independent Kansan hope to provide another year of civil argument in a world of cable-news,political-spinning madness.

Independent Kansan’s New Year’s Resolution 2011: “Count how many ways Glenn Beck says that Barack Obama is a Communist.”

I had to sneak it in there. That’s gonna be a tough one though.

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/10/10

In honor of 10/10/10 (binary for 42 – the answer to the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe and Everything). Independent Kansan would like to dedicate this wrap-up to the great Douglas Adams. Adams is considered one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. His book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , as well as the subsequent books, radio plays, T.V. series and screenplay, will long be remembered in science fiction literature. Characters like Zaphod, Arthur Dent, and Marvin the Paranoid Android are timeless pieces of science fiction literature . So, Independent Kansan, is declaring this week “Douglas Adams Week” in remembrance of all that he gave us.

In other news this week, the Giant Head of Oprah appeared on the Daily Show in support of Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity.” Oprah is no longer content giving away cars and humpback whales to her own audience.    Oprah gave trips to the entire studio audience so they could attend the rally in Washington, D.C.  As Jon Stewart noted, the rally now has a guaranteed attendance of at least 225 people. Independent Kansan would like to know who’s audience you would like Oprah  to visit next. If you said Rachael Ray, quit reading this blog, and seek mental help. Seriously, no one is that perky in the morning without drugs.

This brings us to the quote of the week:

“You’re going to the rally, you’re going to the rally, you’re going to the rally!!! Now get out there and restore some SANITY!!!!!!!!!!” -Oprah

Karl Rove appeared on Fox News Sunday and said that accusations that the president was making about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce using foreign money in political ads were “baseless.” Rove said, “Have these people no shame?  Does the president of the United States have such little regard for the office that he holds that he goes out there and makes these kind of baseless charges against his political enemies?  This is — this is just beyond the pale.  How dare the president do this?”

I think we have to believe Karl Rove on this one. Obama must have disgraced the Presidency. If anyone is an expert on that, it’s got to be Karl Rove.

The big news of the week was the rescue of 33 miners in Chile. In a truly incredible story, 33 men who were believed to be dead for more than two weeks are now reunited with their families. Hat’s off to all the people who made this seemingly tragic event end happily.

And finally someone is sticking to corporate giants. Alex Blumberg at NPR ran a story about a woman who immigrated here from the Dominican Republic and through steadfast discipline has borrowed something like $13,000 interest-free.  She makes many purchases with in-store credit cards for 10% off and then pays off the balance and closes the card.  The stores are paying essentially paying her to shop there. Independent Kansan always likes to see the little man win.