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The Truth About Fiscal Responsibility

I’ve seriously had it. If I hear another news report where a Republican says to a reporter, “My opponent has been a rubber-stamp for Obama.”  I’m going to lose my mind.  They even say it about Democrats who aren’t incumbents. It’s like Republicans think they can use the Force.  They think they know what people are going to vote for. Karl Rove is sitting at a crystal ball (probably with Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell) and telling America its future. Remember it’s scary, very scary.

The really scary thing is that the Republican Mind Trick is working. All over the country people are saying we need to control spending. For some reason they think Republicans will do that. Eight years of record-setting deficits under Pres. Bush have seemingly been forgotten. The first time the deficit went down was this year, Pres. Obama’s first budget.

They basically say things like,”Vote for Republicans we have to stop the skyrocketing debt.”  Republicans created the skyrocketing national debt.  Tea Partiers clamor about out of control spending on bills like the stimulus and TARP. Have we all gone crazy? TARP WAS A REPUBLICAN BILL. They put the deficit over a trillion dollars for the first time.  It’s like apathetic, ignorant,  white America woke up 2 months ago and said ,”Holy crap, we let  a black man in the White House. That can’t happen. it’s the White House. It’s named after us.”

I don’t know what to do. I could shout the facts from the highest mountaintop with one of those horns in the old Ricola commercials and no one would listen.  If you tell people the truth they just believe whatever being fed to them by American’s for Prosperity, American Crossroads or the ambiguously named Citizen’s for Hope, Growth and Opportunity. $500 million in Medicare cuts, oh no, better vote Republican. Try to explain that it’s actually provisions in the healthcare bill that will slow the growth of Medicare over 10 years, thereby saving taxpayers $500 million dollars, and you’ll be lucky to get past healthcare. People will jump right in to tell you how healthcare reform is some Nazi-Communist-Muslim plot to force us into Comrade Obama’s fold. If that happens, try to explain that Nazism and Communism are vastly different. You might get your picture on a protest sign with a Hitler mustache and the word Communist scrawled across the bottom.

I try to be above the anger and the shouting. Rarely does angry rhetoric get us anywhere, but there is no civil discussion with these people.  Rational, intelligent Americans have been reduced to catchphrase ridden sheep. All of them following the gesture of Karl Rove’s hand.

Pres. Obama and Democrats have passed a healthcare bill extending health insurance to millions of people, and curtailed some of the insurance industries worst practices. What did it cost? Over 10 years the non-partisan  Congressional Budget Office thinks it will lower the deficit by more than $100 billion. You can find  their report here. Democrats are also trying to let tax cuts on 2% of the wealthiest Americans expire which will provide $700 billion in revenue over 10 years. They are saving taxpayers $500 million from Medicare, and they’ve already lowered the deficit by more than $100 billion dollars. Republicans opposed all of that. All of them “rubber-stamped” a no to saving that money.

Are we going to trust them to be fiscally responsible?