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Weekly Wrap-Up 10/24/10

The Daily Show has been broadcasting from the nation’s capital all week.  President Obama appeared as well as other Washington VIPs.  It was all capped with Saturday’s “Rally to Restore Sanity”  Independent Kansan commends what Jon Stewart and the Daily Show are trying to do. This brings us to our Quote of the Week from Stewart’s interview with Sen. Ted Kaufman:

“So the system is broken, because it was built that way.” – Jon Stewart about Congress.

Sony announced this week that the Walkman will be discontinued. No more will we be able to walk around listening to our cassette tapes. What? You have an Ipod, so maybe this isn’t news. Oh well, goodbye Walkman, you had a good run.

NPR reports at least 100 Alaskans have filed as write-in candidates in the Senate race.  Independent Kansan thinks this is great. Well, it could be better. When California recalled Gov. Gray Davis they had such well qualified candidates as Gary Coleman. Wait! Alaska could get Sarah Palin to run. A normal senator’s term is 6 years. Palin would probably serve 2-3 of those, before deciding being a Senator was too restrictive. (Or because it doesn’t pay as well as Tea Party rallies.}

Facebook and the midterms, are they related?  NPR takes a look here at politicians embracing social media. Does a candidate using Facebook or Twitter really help them win reelection. Independent Kansas has always believed Facebook was a revolutionary tool in connecting people. Now we are letting politicians in? What happened to the days when you had to be a college student?

Independent Kansan urges all readers to check out the anything you can find about the Rally to Restore Sanity.  In case you’re wondering, our favorite sign reported at the event:  “Stand United Against Signs”

That’s the news. Please, come back next week when the election is over, and Independent Kansan publisher’s nephew is officially a big 1 years old.