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Weekly Wrap-Up 11/14/10

After a week of vacation, Independent Kansan is back and here’s the news:

FOXNews chairman Roger Ailes made the news this week when he compared NPR to Nazi’s.  He was speaking about the firing of NPR news analyst Juan Williams over comments made on FOXNews. Mr. Ailes is certainly allowed his opinion. In fact, Independent Kansan we believed the firing of Juan Williams was shady at best. However, Mr. Ailes has a degree from Ohio University, and we believe that someone who is college-educated should be making more than one evil reference. Throughout Fox, mostly through Glenn Beck, people or movements are often refered to as Nazi’s. Let’s broaden the tent. Communist’s are available. If you need dictators, what about Pol Pot, Noriega, or even Saddam Hussein.  We know you want to demonize people who disagree with you, but you could at least push the sheepish Americans who follow you to remember the variety of evil through history. It’s just a thought.  This brings us to the Quote of the Week:

“They are, of course, Nazis.” -Roger Ailes speaking about NPR

NPR’s SmartMoney team found something interesting recently. You may know that the U.S. government subsidizes our cotton industry. Brazil, which has its own burgeoning cotton crop appealed to the WTO saying that was against the rules. The WTO agreed, and we ignored them. So, Brazil said they weren’t going to buy a number of things from the U.S. A negotiation ensued and in the end a deal was made. Instead of lowering our subsidies to be more fair, we are paying Brazil $150 million to keep them happy. Wonder why we have a deficit problem?

At the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Dr. Stephen T. Colbert D.F.A. presented National Public Radio a “Medal of Fear” because NPR would not take part in the rally. They said it violated a policy about political events.  The medal was awarded in absentia. One intrepid NPR reporter decided that wasn’t good enough, and went to get the medal back. The story is here

The final chapter of the Harry Potter series has arrived. Well, not exactly. While, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows did premiere making $61 million in its first day, it was Part I. Reportedly this is leading to better story value. Apparently the book lends itself to a 2-part adaptation. The extra $1 Billion dollars that Warner Brothers stands to profit might also matter. NPR’s Bob Mondello reviews the movie here. Random quiz: How many Harry Potter puns can you come up with?

Finally, Congress is back and lamer than ever.  This story at NPR notes that at least some Republicans are reluctant to let Pres. Obama have a victory even if they agree with what he wants to do. Independent Kansan would like to suggest an experiment. They call it a lame duck congress, so let’s let that duck from the Aflac commercials run the show and see what happens. We bet they would get just as much done.

A random observation about the wrap-up this week.  While spell checking, WordPress did not recognize WTO (World Trade Organization.) One of the suggestions to replace “WTO” was “WTF”. What does that say about our society.  Check out the blog this week when we examine the DREAM Act, deficit reduction, and hopefully eat some tasty turkey.